Make Something Extraordinary Happen in Private Practice!

Do you think about “extraordinary” in your private practice?

When was the last time you planned something extraordinary–and actually pulled it off?

Fotolia 41295744 S 300x200 Make Something Extraordinary Happen in Private Practice!For many of us, this is likely to be a vacation, or just a long weekend. Maybe it’s just finishing a great course or running a 10k or triathlon.

But do you think about “extraordinary” in your private practice too? If not, why not?

The reality is, in private practice, extraordinary hours and days make extraordinary lives. Yes, still filled with ups and downs. But the more extraordinary you CREATE, the better your satisfaction, income, and happiness.

So why not start with extraordinary today?

Have you ever had a patient tell you your care was extraordinary? Of course you have! Think back to that time and recreate it over and over again.

How about your best week ever? Same deal here.

Believe me, it’s not the big things; it’s the daily nuances that mean the most. To this day, patients of well over 20 years tell me it’s a friendly, caring staff, and a warm environment and decor.

The reality is, it’s the incredible systems behind the machine–or practice–that allow you to do this in a systematic, profitable way! Try and do it without great systems and unique services, and you’ll be toast very quickly.

As everyone else STRIVES to be the same, DO and BE something different!

Most of all, practice being the very best you can be, each and every day!

If you find yourself stuck, let us help! There is nothing like CEO training, great mentoring, and marketing skillsets to put your future back on target!

Don’t expect different results from the same old action. That is the hallmark of private practice owners’ insanity!

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Frustrated With Your Private Practice? Try This Instead.

Let’s face it running any business let alone a private practice is more than a full-time job.

You spend time in the morning before practice, and if you’re like me during lunch and then maybe some time in the evening planning events and a final mental review of problem cases administrative headaches etc.

Now if you’re not engaged in these activities I can almost guarantee your practice is unrewarding and not profitable.

But more importantly do you have the systems in place that actually integrate these functions and simplify this so it doesn’t consume every waking hour, allows you to sleep wonderfully, stay focused and organized?

You see this is the price of success.

But how you feel about this is how you think about it in your own mind.

You see it could either be a game player or a game changer.

Game changers find ways of doing things simpler and more efficiently.

Game changers consistently look for new and better ways of accomplishing those things that must be handled on a day-to-day basis.

There’s also a big difference from those who say they want to be successful but are not willing to pay the price to be successful.

So if you are the least dissatisfied with your private practice then start asking yourself some serious questions.

Where do I want to be 90 days? What I want to be in six months or one year for that matter.

Should I stop all third-party payer participation or not?

If you haven’t spent some time answering these questions for yourself I guarantee it’s more difficult in practice than it could be.

Like it or not, it IS all up to you!

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Don’t Make This Fatal Marketing Mistake in Your Private Practice!

For too many businesses and many private practice owners the difficulty comes in sorting out what to do!

The marketing opportunities now available to any business and of course your private practice literally have exploded within the last year!

In this day and age more than ever before there are so many ways to reach your potential patients.

And for too many businesses and many private owners the difficulty comes in sorting out what to DO!

Of course this is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a private practice. Let’s face it… Study marketing in great detail and you have some extremely challenging concepts to understand.

But please don’t do like most private practice owners do and take your marketing advice from the local television, radio, or newspaper outlet.

Of course these vendors are in the business of boosting their own sales. Often times private practice owners are and coaxed to sign large expenditures and contracts leaving them on the hook with expensive costs of ONE channel marketing propositions.

There’s nothing wrong with these media. In fact they all have extraordinary uses. But unless you combine these into a whole that is a well-designed and thought out marketing plan you could be in for a very rude awakening.

You see just is in your practice, patients consume information in the multitude of ways. And of course we are all different. Some people are very visual meaning they respond extremely well to television and large photographs. Some people are intense readers and will bring in your ads with many words circled, some underline and some even highlighted.

And yet other people are extraordinarily auditory meaning they will pick up the phone as soon as they hear your radio ad and are compelled to take action.

And then of course there’s the whole brand-new frontier of social media.

This perhaps is the arena where most of us are ill prepared to enter because it is not traditional marketing.

In fact some say social media is not marketing really at all but rather relationship building.

And in health care especially nothing could be more true!

Next time we’ll talk more about what you need to understand about private practice marketing and your relationship building.

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